Assisted Living Home located in Camp Verde AZ


Aaron Hancock
"I always drive by this area, and they always keep their premises clean. The people there seem very happy, they get to enjoy nature and live in the peaceful area of Camp Verde."


Pat Keith
I visited El Dorado Residential Care Home for finding a peaceful place for my grand mother. I believe that this is a very nice and well run facility. The people at the facility seem very nice and gracious. I met a couple residing in the facility. They were extremely satisfied with the charges being paid by them including the electric bill. The facility has Verde Valley Medical Center and Yavapai Regional Medical Center nearby to look after the patients. I would recommend it for old people as a peaceful home


Love of Pi
El Dorado is owned and run by a very gracious lady that has been a care giver for many years. The place is spotless, and the residents are watched closely. It’s a Christian facility, on a mini- ranch. The glass doors in the spacious living room, provide a beautiful view of the pasture and pond with willow trees. My parents are both there. She makes it a point to celebrate their birthdays and anniversary with a big party, including a beautiful cake.

El Dorado Residential Care Home
Assisted Living Home
in Camp Verde, AZ